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we at understand the relationship
between the health of your mouth, teeth, gums
and your whole body.

A world of advanced
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Gut Restoration

Reclaim your gut health with our
program for IBS, allergies,
bloating, and more.

Hormone balancing

Find hormonal equilibrium to address
various issues like painful periods,
mood swings, and more.

Mental Health & Stress Recovery

Improve your mental well-being for better
sleep, focus, and reduced anxiety
and depression.

Leading the movement
of change

 Our solution or ‘Shield’ covers a whole range of services and products to protect and enhance your whole body and mind.

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Rasha El Naggar, MD, MBiotech, Naturopathic Doctor, practices medicine within California’s scope of licensed naturopathic medical doctors. 
Dr. Naggar began her professional education at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, where she received her doctorate and medical education., Later on, she enrolled at Johns Hopkins University where she received her MS in Biotechnology. Then, she received her doctorate and naturopathic medical training from Bastyr University, San Diego, California.

About Dr.Rasha El Naggar

About Dr.Rasha El Naggar

About Dr.Rasha El Naggar

About Dr.Rasha El Naggar

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